Data Science

Understanding of how to go from problem requirements to actionable steps using experimental design.

Efficient at scraping, gathering, and cleaning data with Python, Beautiful Soup, Pandas, and SQL.

Capable at using disparate large data sets to build classification engines using non-parametric algorithms like k-nearest-neighbors, decision trees, and support vector machines.

A deep understanding of supervised and unsupervised learning techniques and how to implement these to build recommender systems (collaborative filtering, matrix decomposition, clustering, deep learning).



Provide legal technology consulting services to clients, their attorneys and financial advisors including the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Sears Holding Corporation, Toys “R” Us, Inc., iHeart Media Inc., PG&E Corporation, and Nine West Holdings, Inc.

Create an address parser using conditional random fields and Pandas to sort and preprocess large data files of creditor information to prepare for import into our system.

Developed and implemented logistic regression modeling to gain insights into staffing requirements by predicting incoming claim volume of Chapter 11 cases.

Develop noticing solutions, claim data, customized client reports, and case specific websites and virtual data rooms.



Managed various phases of construction of a 34-story office building, with a contract value of $132,000,000.

Prepared project schedules and schedule updates to ensure timely delivery and client satisfaction.

Developed and maintained positive working relationships with clients, architects, country officials, project managers, and subcontractors to generate repeat business.



Oversaw the client turnover process of a 31-story luxury residential tower, with a contract value of $146,000,000.

Helped to facilitate the launch of a new building turnover software that organizes project data by providing the R&D team with feedback and generating ideas to improve the product.

Utilized project management software to identify over 60,000 quality control issues and create data reports to distribute to any relevant subcontractors.


Lead a team of six to improve the cleaning method of plastic modular sortation conveyors in manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Performed market analysis, design parameter creation, concept generation, material selection, design for manufacturing and assembly.

Developed, tested, and evaluated numerous prototypes to refine the product and meet our sponsers performance and financial goals.

Formulated final design specifications, subsystem assemblies and individual part drawings.


Collaborated in a five-person team to dissect, benchmark, and carry out performance testing on the transmission and impacting mechanism of the DeWalt DCF815 Impact Driver (3-12).

Individually redesigned, modeled, and analyzed the spring of the impacting mechanism to increase performance and reduce cost

Outlined the physics of the impact driver, CAD and FEA modeling of our proposed solution, a detailed analysis of the expected performance behavior, necessary manufacturing process changes, a cost analysis, and our final recommendation.


Project Engineer Intern:

Assisted during the bid process by calling subcontractors and requesting and reviewing bids.

Supported the project manager with the development of estimates, budgets, constructability studies, scopes of work, contracts, purchase orders, and quality control reports.